3 Common Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

3 Common Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

3 Common Bathroom Renovation Mistakes
December 26, 2016 Matrix Bathrooms

When you’re looking for bathroom renovation ideas to incorporate into your design you need to be aware of some possible pitfalls. A little research will show that some bathrooms designs have a bad design philosophy, which is then poorly executed. This can be expensive to correct, and prevention is always better than the cure. Understanding the mistakes made by others is a great way to save time and money. It will also ensure that your bathroom is more suited to your exact needs and that it works as intended. Here are three common bathroom renovation mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Skimping on Quality

When they are considering bathroom ideas, Melbourne residents may be tempted to skimp on quality. This is understandable as higher quality items in your bathroom, such as baths, toilets, basins, taps, and cabinetry will cost more. However, quality items last longer, function better and are more aesthetically pleasing. A luxurious bathroom is a nicer place to be, and it adds more value to your home. Everyone has a budget to work with, but it would be prudent to make extra room for good quality bathroom fixtures and fittings.

2. Not Considering Ventilation and Heating

This is far more common than one would expect, but effective ventilation and heating is essential for a modern bathroom and often overlooked. Wherever possible you need to have windows that can be opened or placed on vent. To exhaust the steam, you can fit a surface mounted exhaust fan in the ceiling that will not ruin the aesthetics of your bathroom. Underfloor heating is a great way to ensure that your bathroom is toasty warm during colder months. These days it is assumed that most modern bathrooms will have a heated towel rail. This will add comfort, but it can also be aesthetically pleasing as many modern towel rails can look beautiful.

3. Improper Freestanding Bath Placement

Many people opt for a freestanding bath when they carry out a renovation. This is understandable as they look fantastic and definitely add a luxurious feel. However, there are some rules to placing a freestanding bath that should be followed. It should not be placed where it is touching a wall as it will be hard to clean and encourage the growth of mould. Secondly, although it is technically possible to fit a shower above a freestanding bath, it is not ideal, so consider that you will need room for a separate shower stall. Lastly, freestanding baths look better when creatively positioned along longer walls, near windows or under skylights for maximum impact.

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