3 Key Elements That Will Take Your Bathroom Renovation to the Next Level

3 Key Elements That Will Take Your Bathroom Renovation to the Next Level

3 Key Elements That Will Take Your Bathroom Renovation to the Next Level
December 26, 2016 Matrix Bathrooms

One of the best ways to improve your home and add value is to carry out a bathroom renovation.Bathroom renovators are usually looking for the cheapest bang for their buck, but that isn’t necessarily the best route to take. Sometimes, it is prudent to invest additional funds in key elements that will add significantly higher levels of convenience, comfort and aesthetic beauty. Here are three of the key elements that need to be given that extra effort and investment to really push your bathroom the next level.

1. Comfortable Heated Surfaces:

The best bathroom renovators know that people hate visiting a cold bathroom during the winter months. Tiles by their very nature are cold to the touch and a bathroom without any kind of heating system can be a very cold room. This also extends to any towels that are located in the bathroom, and they may feel damp and cold to the touch. One of the best ways to make a bathroom a cozier place to be is to add underfloor heating. This will even warm up a tiled floor; the heat rises and the entire bathroom feels warmer. To ensure that your towels are warm and fluffy, you could add a heated towel rail. Modern towel rails are very aesthetic and available in a wide variety of designs that are both beautiful and functional.

2. Custom Bathroom Furniture:

This is an area that is often neglected and standard bathroom furniture is used. Sure, a new set of standard cabinets can lift a bathroom, but a custom set of bathroom furniture will suit the space better. If you’re unfamiliar with bespoke cabinetry, you may be surprised at how much you can personalise your bathroom furniture. Every aspect from vanity units to loose storage areas can be made your exact specifications. This is a fantastic way to maximise the space in your bathroom and add some personalised touches

3. Consider Your Bath:

It is a fact that most people on a day to day basis simply take a shower for convenience and to save time. However, many people enjoy taking an occasional bath to relax after a hard day and to treat themselves. A large luxurious bath is a great addition to any bathroom, and it will add significant value. There are some amazing insert and freestanding baths on the market that offer a luxurious bathing experience. If you decide to fit a luxury bath, don’t be tempted to skimp on the taps as they will ruin the aesthetics.

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