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Designer Secrets of a Dream Bathroom

Designer Secrets of a Dream Bathroom
December 1, 2016 Matrix Bathrooms

Planning bathroom renovations can be an exciting time, but many homeowners feel a little daunted by the prospect of trying to achieve their dream bathroom. While you may already have some of the basics of your design already clear in your mind, if you want to transform your new bathroom from a good renovation to being a dream space, you need to consider these designer secrets for those little details.

Bath, Shower or Both?

There is a common belief that you need to keep a bath for the potential resale value of your home. While this is not particularly incorrect, you also need to consider that you are redesigning your bathroom for your own use. You need to consider how often you actually use the bath. Are you planning children in the future or are your children already teenagers? Unless you have small children, you may find that your bath only gets used once or twice a year, which is not a great reason for keeping it. If you do decide to get rid of your bath, you will not only find that you have plenty of extra space and an excuse to have a weekend away in a posh hotel once or twice a year to enjoy a spa bath.

Choose the Right Shower Head:

One aspect of bathroom renovations which is often overlooked is the shower head. These days, you are not limited to just a standard removable shower head. You can choose from a great selection of shower options, so you can have your ultimate shower experience.

Create a Custom Shower Space:

A dream bathroom doesn’t necessarily need to have a basic square shower. Modern bathrooms are not restricted to a simple shower tray so that you can create a custom shower space. You can even add extra features such as a shower seat if you don’t have a bath. This is not only useful for older people who prefer to sit when bathing, but it can be handy for ladies when they are shaving their legs. You can even omit the step you may have into your existing shower space as there are plenty of innovative designs which keep the bathroom dry but allow you to remove this potential trip hazard.

Consider Your Comfortable Height:

Having shelving units or sinks at an uncomfortable height will compromise your dream bathroom. Many of us who are a little taller than average will have experienced how uncomfortable it is to stoop to use a lower set bathroom sink. In the past sinks were typically set at 75 centimetres from the floor, but as a whole, our society is getting taller. This means the new standard is 90 centimetres. However, if you are particularly tall or a little shorter, this may not be the right height for you. Of course, you need to consider any guests that will visit your home, but it also needs to be a comfortable height for you to use each day

If you are planning bathroom renovations, you should speak to us. The Matrix Bathrooms team would be delighted to guide you through the design process to help you to achieve the bathroom of your dreams.