How Long Does Bathroom Renovations Take?

How Long Does Bathroom Renovations Take?

How Long Does Bathroom Renovations Take?
December 5, 2016 Matrix Bathrooms

When choosing a bathroom renovator, most homeowners often consider the cost and design style, but give little thought to how long the renovations take. While you don’t want your builder to rush through your project, you are not likely to want your household to be disrupted for longer than necessary. Here we will explore the process of bathroom renovations, so you can be aware of how long each step takes as a general rule.


Week One:

The first stage your bathroom renovator will take is to have an electrician disconnect any live wiring in the bathroom to make it safe for any other tradesman to work on the project and protect those living in the home. The electrician, along with a plumber and carpenter will also remove all of the old bathroom fittings and points. This stage will usually take a day, pending on the bathroom size and if multiple trades are needed, it may take a little longer. Both the electrician and plumber will need to “rough in” for the new bathroom. This means that the wires in the walls and pipes will be installed. The next stage is that the carpenter comes in to prepare your corner shower installation. This will make the area ready for the next steps.

Week Two:

The first task in week two is to install the lining boards and finish the joints. This has to be done first thing, as it will need a day to dry before the waterproofing can begin. The waterproofing is a vital step for your bathroom to have a lasting finish, so it can’t be rushed. It requires several coats of waterproof membrane to be applied, with time for drying between each layer. During this process, the shower base is formed as sand and cement screed is installed.

Week Three:

The early part of the week is dedicated to finishing the waterproofing. The application of the waterproofing membrane is finalised on Tuesday and no work can be undertaken on Wednesday, as the whole day is needed for drying. This is a crucial step to ensure the integrity of the waterproofing in the finished bathroom. On Thursday, the installation of the floor tile can be started. At this point, the team will also take measurements for the shower screen. The floor tile installation should be completed by the end of the day on Friday, which allows the whole weekend for it to fully dry.

Week Four:

At the start of week four, the team can start installing the wall tiles. This is likely to take two days, which will allow Wednesday to be used for grouting and corking the tile corners. By Thursday, the team will be installing the bathroom fixtures. The bathroom will start to really take shape as the toilet, bath, vanity unit and tap ware is installed. At this stage the team will also install the rest of the accessories, e.g. the toilet roll holder and towel rails. Once this is done, the bathroom will be inspected, and a checklist will be completed. All that is left to do now is a final clean up before the new bathroom is ready for use.

The steps above are provided as general rule, some of the steps might take longer or shorter pending bathroom size, complexity of job, if asbestos is found, structural changes and/or if there is changes to the renovation along the way etc. Any changes to timelines will always be clearly communicated to the customer, to be as transparent as possible and make sure the customer feels comfortable each step of the way, as there is nothing more important than making sure customer is always fully aware how the renovation is tracking.

If you are looking to do a bathroom renovation, Matrix Bathrooms offers guaranteed start and finish dates and try our best to make the renovation process as seamless and convenient as possible for our customers. The Matrix Bathrooms team has decades of industry experience and we would be delighted to help you to achieve your dream bathroom.